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"I bow to the sacred fig
to Brahma in the root
to Vishnu in the trunk
to Shiva in the foliage"
-The Ashvattha Stotra (Rig veda)

The Peepal or Ficus religiosa, meaning the venerated fig has been from time immemorial, a sacred religious symbol of Indians. Called the Ashvattha in Sanskrit, it means 'under which horses stand'. The peepal is also an integral part of Buddhism as Buddha atttained enlightenment under it. It is the oldest depicted tree in India and is worshipped with food offerings as it is considered as a pathway between 'here' and 'hereafter'.

A Peepal is rarely cut, as doing so would be equivalent to killing a sage and the man who has committed this misdeed would be stuck in limbo after his death. This being the precinct... the fest 'Under the Peepal tree' emanates a fragrant aura of knowledge, enlightenment and sanctity.

Under The Peepal Tree (UPT) is the annual national level inter-collegiate Quizfest conducted by The Quiz Corp. This fest is spread over a period of three days and comprises of six quizzes namely an audio visual quiz, a business quiz (for corporates only), a general quiz, an India quiz, an information technology quiz and a sports quiz. The sports quiz has been introduced this year owing to popular demand. The fest is scheduled to be held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June in the R.V. Teachers College auditorium in Bangalore.

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