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Under the Peepal Tree, an annual national level inter-collegiate Quiz Festival conducted by the Quiz Corp.
Find out more about the Quizfest's schedule, venue and the quizzes.

Results, check out the results of the quizzes conducted recently by The Quiz Corp

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Karnataka Quiz Association, the official website of The Karnataka Quiz Association which has been a source of inspiration and guidance for the Quiz Corp. Visitors to this site can try out the K.Q.A's online quizzes.

QuizNet, the website of expat quizzers from KREC, Suratkal. You can subscribe to their mailing list and check out their online quizzes at this website.

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The Quiz Corp, R.V.C.E., is the quiz club of the R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore. The Quiz Corp , which started a few years ago, is one of the few quiz clubs run entirely by students at the collegiate level. We conduct quizzes on various topics every week. The quizzes are conducted in the college premises and serve to equip the students with the most valuable tool for the future - KNOWLEDGE!
This site is designed to provide information about our activities, announcements of planned quizzes and to provide results of the quizzes conducted.

Attraction of the month

The Quiz Corp is proud to present it's annual national level inter-collegiate Quiz Festival, 'Under the Peepal Tree'.

This fest is to be held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June and will comprise of six quizzes, five of which are for the student community and one for the corporate institutions. The quizzes are- an audio visual quiz, a business quiz (for corporates only), a general quiz, an India quiz, an information technology quiz and a sports quiz.

Find out more about Under the Peepal Tree.

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