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Here are some links related to The Quiz Corp and Quizzing in general:

Karnataka Quiz Association, the official website of The Karnataka Quiz Association which has been a source of inspiration and guidance for the Quiz Corp. Visitors to this site can try out the K.Q.A's online quizzes.
Oye India, a youth website where you would find amongst many other things, quizzes by reputed quizzers like Avinash H. Mudaliar, the Co-founder of The Quiz Corp. Oye India's quiz channel has been rated by as one amongst the ten best quizzing channels in India.
QuizNet, the website of expat quizzers from KREC, Suratkal. You can subscribe to their mailing list and check out their online quizzes at this website.
K-circle online, the home page of one of the oldest quizzing circles in India- The Hyderabad Quiz association.
The Gazette Online, an online version of a popular independent newspaper run in R.V.C.E. Every issue carries a quiz, which would be great to answer. Incidently, it also has articles written by Avinash H. Mudaliar, the co-founder of the Quiz Corp.
The R.V.C.E. Website, the home page of the R.V. College of Engineering.