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Once every year at R.V.C.E., the foundations of Quiz Corp reverberate with delicate sounds of thunder. One can approximate the temporal position with the occurrence of that bigwig of intra-collegiate quizzes- Funda-mental.

Started in 1997 under the guidance of Madam Sridevi, the cultural secretary of the college, this quiz has become an annual institution in R.V. quizzing circles. It was initially called the R.V. Selections Quiz and later came to be known as Funda-mental. As the name implies this quiz focuses on fun, fundae and mental stimulation of the participants. Funda-mental is usually held in the odd semesters because it is held to determine the best team in college. (Funda-mental has seen many budding quizzers in freshers rise to making it to being part of the top team in college.) As the questions roll out of the quizmaster's mouth the participants fight tooth and nail to pick up the rolling trophy and the mantle of being the top team in college. In 1997, it was hosted by none other than ace quizzer Movin Miranda (himself an ex-RV-ite (the twin hyphen is a classic case of operator overloading)).

One of the fundas of this quiz is that the winner of each year's quiz gets to host the next year's event. Thus the 1998 effort was hosted by two other proverbial quizzing tigers who go around under the alias of Avinash.H.Mudaliar and Gopal Srinivasan. It was refreshing to note that Funda-mental '98 was won by three strapping lads from the first year (back in those old days).

The direct implication of that result was in that Funda-Mental 2000 will sway to the bongo beat of Mahesh "Doc" Bharadwaj, Soumyodipta Biswas and Jinen Kothari.

As was the trend with the previous years, this year's quiz promises to be bigger, meaner and better than its predecessors. So fasten your seat-belts and try to control your adrenaline as Funda-Mental 2000 is unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Its drawing closer, closer, c l o s e r ...